Writing is a dark lonely shack

It’s ragged, frayed about the edges. Its eyes are watery and often stare into the distance, focusing on nothing, focusing on everything. It lives in an old shack, immersed in the dark. Somewhere in that gloom, the smell of age and death permeates. Rats crawl unseen below the floorboards. Birds clatter about on the roof shingles. They seem distant and sound like people I used to know. They don’t stay long, taking to wing in the night.

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A new start or: ghosts lost in the woods

Ghosts in the woods

So I’m back, blogging (if it’s still called that), and social media-ing.

Life isn’t linear. Progress isn’t always an upward trend. Nothing stays the same. These are all true things, especially regarding my relationship with blogging and social media. As some of you may realise, I join and leave Twitter frequently, change my website every now and then, write blog posts regularly for a while, and then delete the whole damned thing.

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