I recognize you, fellow manifestation of consciousness.

Welcome to my small corner of the internets. I’m Colin F. Barnes. I’ve been writing seriously since 1996, attended the London School of Journalism to study creative writing, and worked towards an English degree with the Open University. I’m a hybrid author: one who runs their own publishing company and writes for traditional publishing houses. I have two books out with Amazon’s 47North imprint and five books under my own imprint—Binary Books Ltd.

What do I write?

That’s difficult to answer simply. As a child of the 70s and 80s, I’m part of the last generation to have been born before the internet. Science and technology are moving at a rapid rate and I like to write about where we’re going, where we are, and what all that means—if anything. I also enjoy character-driven stories that get to the heart of what makes us human. Mysteries, quests, romances, survival, and conspiracy are all flavours in my work.

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