Getting Rid of The Past

I was recently self-diagnosed with minimalism. A disease that drives ordinarily sane (okay, there’s a debate to be had on that) people into shedding most of their possessions and drawing a line in the sand of their past. I’m currently going through that process right now, and as I was knee-deep in piles of books and other life detritus I thought: why not extend it to my work, and to my site?

Why not indeed? I found no logical reason not to, so here I am with a much cut-down website. I’m hoping that this will focus on my work, my words, and a series of new posts. I’ve neglected blogging for the last year and I intend to change that.

What kind of content will I be writing?

Among other things, thoughts and observations on the┬ánetworked-life we now live; how that changes society, relationships, and even fiction; what kinds of stories are we telling ourselves? How is the Internet bringing us together, and pushing us apart? Aside those lofty topics, I’ll also be turning my attentions to spreading the word of good books and stories I’ve read.

Finally, I’ll be writing on my experiments with minimalism, Buddhism, and other lifestyle changes. As a full-time writer, I spend too much time on my arse. That’s going to change, and through this blog, I’ll be sharing my experiences of trimming down and becoming healthier, hopefully with the view that this might help others in a similar situation. One small change I’m implementing: I’m not going to be enabling comments on this site. I will however be happy to discuss any responses on Facebook or Twitter.

I’m looking forward to sharing more content very soon.