No More Hollow Space

Whether to write a sequel to Hollow Space: Venture is a decision I have been mulling over for the past year. Should I write the follow-up or not? Should I find a co-writer or not? And often the loudest of these thoughts: what would Steve want? For those who don’t know, I wrote this book […]

SOIL – New Release

I’m really pleased to announce the launch of my latest book, SOIL, book 2 of the Last Flotilla. It’s published by Amazon Publishing’s 47North imprint and I couldn’t be happier. This book concludes the story as set out in SALT and I hope all those who enjoyed SALT will get the same kind of kick […]

SALT – New Release

Amazon’s publishing imprint, 47 North, are publishing the new version of my post-apocalyptic thriller, SALT: The Last Flotilla Book 1, on October the 13th, 2015. Those who have already SALT might be wondering what’s different. Well, apart from an extra copy edit to make a few things more consistent and some reordering of content, there […]

Emptying The Past

I was recently self-diagnosed with minimalism. A disease that drives ordinarily sane (okay, there’s a debate to be had on that) people into shedding most of their possessions and drawing a line in the sand of their past. I’m currently going through that process right now, and as I was knee-deep in piles of books and other life detritus I thought: why not extend it to my work, and to my site?