Author: Colin F. Barnes

Vanguard Rising Now Out

Vanguard Rising Now Out

I’m pleased to announce my latest release under the name of A.C. Hadfield, Vanguard Rising, a near-future space opera for fans of The Expanse is now out in ebook, print and audio (produced by Audible Studios).  It can be purchased exclusively from Amazon by clicking here. (The link she auto-detect your country of origin).

Vanguard Rising is a standalone novel and not related to existing A.C. Hadfield books.


The Solar Federation has been stable for decades—until a few days ago when leader of the abbots (artificial, biological robot) has mysteriously disappeared. His fate threatens the unsteady peace between human and machine.

Detective Harlan Rubik has but a few chances left to save his career after a string of failed cases. When he’s tasked with finding the abbot leader, he uncovers a deadly conspiracy perpetrated by a shadowy group called Vanguard, whose tendrils reach to the highest echelons of government. It will take all of Harlan’s skills to uncover the truth behind this dark force. If he fails, it will be the end of his life as he knows it.

When scientist Irena Selles is attacked by a rogue abbot while working in one of Earth’s last remaining scientific outposts, she’s forced to flee for her life and hitch a ride back to Atlas Station with the help of a crew of salvagers. Harlan, seeing a pattern between their cases, joins forces with them. Together, they set out to find the truth behind Vanguard. With so few humans left and scattered across the Solar system, an abbot rebellion would be fatal to humanity’s continued existence.

Harlan, Irena, and their ragtag crew of allies will journey through space stations, colonies, and the darkest parts of the Solar system if they’re to stop Vanguard rising. But will their combined efforts be enough? And what do they truly want?


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Code Breakers Now In Audio

Code Breakers Now In Audio

Earlier in 2016, I created a box set of the four Code Breakers novels. I didn’t think much of it at the time; I thought it would just give readers a more convenient way to own the whole series and save a couple of dollars/pounds in the process.

And then I got featured by BookBub, a large ebook marketing company. Things went a little crazy for a few months, shattering any expectations I might have had. The box set reached No.3 in the entire Amazon US store, sending me to the very top of the Science Fiction author rankings. Surreal times! It hung in the top 100 for what to me seemed like forever.

To date, this has been by far my biggest publishing success. There was a moment before I created the box set where I thought it would be a waste of time, that no one would want it when the individual books are readily available. Suffice to say I’m glad I gave my future self that little gift of ignoring the doubt.

Well, this extra exposure gained the attention of a number of audio production companies. Eventually, I settled with And now, I can proudly point you in the direction of the finished audio books for the complete series, including the prequel.

The narrator, Marc Veitor, has done a marvellous job and really brings the characters to life. He has narrated great books by authors such as: Neal Stephenson, William Gibson, Haruki Murakami, Dan Simmons, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Vladimir Nabakov, Jim Butcher, David Weber, Jack Campbell etc…

If you’re an Audible subscriber you’ll know how it works already. If you’re not, when you join up, you’ll get a free credit that you can use for any book, so if you wish to listen to one of mine, it’ll cost you nada.

Here are the links to the Code Breakers audiobooks:


I hope you enjoy the adventure!