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New Book! Sequence is coming.

I'm really pleased to announce a release date for my newest book, SEQUENCE, co-written with Darren Wearmouth. THE SEQUENCE TRILOGY, the first of which is due out on the 23rd of February, 2015. SEQUENCE is a Crichton-esque fast-paced thriller that deals with advanced genetics, terrorist conspiracies, and one man's single-minded search for the truth. SEQUENCE…

An update and new approach to social media

There's a fine line between being connected to the wider world and drowning in information overload. It's a subject I've thought a lot about over the last few months as I've noticed my productivity suffer and my word counts head in a downward trajectory. Writing is my career so writing fewer words is most definitely…

2014 in Review & Publishing Deal News

I suspect my year has been like most people's: filled with ups and downs. It's safe to say that when life happens, waste matter invariably interfaces with the fan at some point and to some degree. I won't bore you with the minutiae, so I'll just cover the high points and a significant loss. In…

Stephen Godden – Gone but never forgotten.

I write today with a heavy heart. Today is the funeral of one of my best friends and co-writer on Hollow Space. Stephen Godden, aka T.F. Grant was a special individual. I know everyone says that about their loved ones, but in Steve's case it's demonstrably true. He was quick to anger (on matters of…

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