Ghosts in the woods

Ghosts in the woods

So I’m back, blogging (if it’s still called that), and social media-ing.

Life isn’t linear. Progress isn’t always an upward trend. Nothing stays the same. These are all true things, especially regarding my relationship with blogging and social media. As some of you may realise, I join and leave Twitter frequently, change my website every now and then, write blog posts regularly for a while, and then delete the whole damned thing.


I don’t know. I’m a changeable kind of guy. It’s as infuriating to me as it probably is to you. I’d apologise, but really it’s not that big of a deal, is it? I don’t think I’ve ever written anything here or on any of the social media channels that could be considered a great loss, and yet I always end up coming back.

I always want to build something again, only this time to do it the right way. To avoid upsetting people, saying the wrong thing inadvertently, or simply getting annoyed by all the noise and assholes in the world and retreating into myself, deleting the breadcrumbs behind me so I can stay hidden.

Maybe I’ll do it all again in a year’s time. Maybe six months’ time. Who knows? I don’t want to; I’d like to continue using these platforms to reach out and try to connect with decent humans again. Find the good ones among the unending sea of dickheads out there.

That’s the aim. Whether that works, time will tell. I’m bad at using these tools, but I hope to improve.

I also just want to write stuff that isn’t only fiction, although one could argue the whole experience of life is just one big piece of fiction. No one actually knows anything, do they? We’re all just making shit up, hoping nobody notices or points out the truth.

So that’s what this will be, I think. Musings, thoughts, short (or long) updates. Just a random collection of ghosts lost in the woods looking for someone or something to haunt.

Maybe you’ll enjoy these missives. I’ll try to be as honest as I can (without putting myself in danger), share things that I find interesting, weird, worthy of consideration. At least for a short while. And above all, I’ll try to communicate more regularly, bring you in.

I’m interested in you, too, reader.

Reach out and connect with me; let’s see what happens.