Prominence: Blackstar Command 1

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It’s been a long time since I’ve had a new release to tell you about. From the outside, it might not seem as though I’ve been very productive but behind the scenes, I’ve been busy writing a lot of content, much of which will be released throughout this year. Before we get to that, let me share my latest book:


Prominence – Blackstar Command Book 1

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So what is it? And who is A.C. Hadfield? 

A.C. Hadfield is the bestselling author of the ‘Carson Mach’ series of space opera books. He and I collaborated on this one as he is a stablemate of mine in my other publishing enterprise: Vast Frontiers, which I run with my other co-writer, Darren Wearmouth.

We wanted to write a fun space opera that wasn’t all military all of the time. We’re both influenced a great deal by the more adventurous space opera, such as Star Wars, Firefly, Guardians, Star Trek etc. Although Blackstar Command does have a galactic battle and a military presence, the main protagonist, Kai Locke, is a down-on-his-like ship racer, looking for a way to get off the craphole planet of Zarunda.

Spoiler alert: he does get off the planet! Hilarity and much thrilling danger ensues.

Prominence is the first of a trilogy because the original story was too epic in scope to tell in a single volume. By writing a trilogy, it gave us a chance to develop the characters more and have a larger cast to play with. And even then, three books might not be the only story in this universe. Much like the Star Wars franchise, there’s almost infinite scope for stories here. If the series does well enough then I’m confident that we’ll be writing more Blackstar books.

So what it’s about?

Here’s the blurb that sums it quite nicely I think:

They tried to destroy our planets. Or way of life. They tried to send us into extinction. But we, the Coalition, fought them and won. That was a decade ago. We had assumed they were beaten for good.

We were wrong.

They’re known as the Host: a cabal of aliens seeking to dominate our sector of space.  And they’re back—with help from a powerful new enemy.

Against their wrath, we must stand. We’re outnumbered and unprepared. If we lose, we lose everything.

But there is hope. An ancient race of long-dead but technologically advanced aliens called the Navigators have a ship called the Blackstar that could potentially turn the tide. That is if I, Kai Locke, a humble ship racer, can find it and learn how to harness its power in time.

If I fail, the Coalition will fall, and the Host will consign us to a distant memory. I refuse to let that happen. I will fight to my last breath for the Coalition’s survival.

Where can I buy it? And how much is it?

It’s available in Kindle and Paperback format on Amazon only for now. The Paperback, at the time of writing, hasn’t gone live yet but should be up very soon. The ebook is available now for just 99c / 99p for a short while to help launch the book. It’ll be going up to full price soon-ish.

You can buy it by clicking here, or by visiting:

What else can we expect from you?

I’m glad you asked! We’re aiming to get the 2nd Blackstar Command book out by the end of April/Early May and the third about a month after that if all goes well. Then, in June, I’m launching another new SF series, but this time written by me only. I can’t say too much about it as I want to wait until I’m closer to publication, but all I will say is that it’ll be of interest to fans of my Code Breakers series and of The Expanse series of books.

Stay tuned for more information very soon!

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