A.C. Hadfield

A.C. Hadfield

A.C. Hadfield is the pen name of Colin F. Barnes. Under Hadfield, Colin writes space opera novels across a spectrum of pulpy adventure (Carson Mach series) to classic hero’s journey tales (Blackstar Command), and explorations into post-Earth colony life (Vanguard Rising).

Carson Mach Adventures

Space opera, pulp, distant galaxy, pew-pew

Carson Mach, a former war hero turned freelancer, seeks the biggest payday of his life when he’s tasked to hunt down a ghost ship that has echoed through the centuries. The legendary Atlantis ship has become a reality, appearing at the Commonwealth frontier and obliterating an orbital station. For fans of Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, and Firefly.

Blackstar Command

Space opera, adventure, thriller, distant galaxy

They tried to destroy our planets. Our way of life. They tried to send us into extinction. But we, the Coalition, fought them and won. That was a decade ago. We had assumed they were beaten for good. We were wrong. They’re known as the Host: a cabal of aliens seeking to dominate our sector of space. And they’re back—with help from a powerful new enemy. For fans of Star Wars, Babylon 5, Star Trek, and The Expanse.

Vanguard Rising

Post-apocalyptic space colony, solar system, no aliens or FTL travel, dangerous robots

The Solar Federation has been stable for decades—until a few days ago when leader of the abbots (artificial, biological robot) has mysteriously disappeared. His fate threatens the unsteady peace between human and machine. Detective Harlan Rubik has but a few chances left to save his career after a string of failed cases. When he’s tasked with finding the abbot leader, he uncovers a deadly conspiracy perpetrated by a shadowy group called Vanguard, whose tendrils reach to the highest echelons of government. It will take all of Harlan’s skills to uncover the truth behind this dark force.

Vanguard Rising Cover